Shore Excursion


Shore Excursion

Tour starting from Naples and Salerno Cruise Terminal

Duration 9 hrs and availability ALL YEAR AROUND

After meeting your chauffeur at the your pier, the excursion starts leaving the port area and heading to the Amalfi Coast territory. Our best itinerary is from Positano to Ravello in order to keep on the sea side, offering you the best panoramic and breathtaking views.
Our schedule is usually organized in order to make many different stops and our first is on the road to Sorrento Coast, which is a way to appreciate the different characteristics between Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.
Beautiful coastal towns of Italy - scenic Amalfi village in Amalfi coast
The famous village of Positano on the italian Amalfi coast
Positano Amalfi Coast Italy


English speaking & knowledgeable chauffeur
Luxury Air-conditioned Mercedes Benz vehicle (sedan or minivan)
At least one hour free to explore each main town (Positano, Amalfi & Ravello)
Several additional stops along the road for your photos
Taxes, Fuel & Parking tolls
Anti COVID 19 equipment (facemask & sanitizer gel)
Anti COVID 19 vehicle sanitization prior meeting you
Bottled water on board

Entrance fees (Museum, Private Villas or other places requiring a payment)
Meals and drinks
Professional guide on the site
Extra time or drive over the accorded one

Suggestions: to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring your cameras and relax.
Many additional options can be planned in advance directly with us.

After that in few minutes you will have reached the other coastline, the Amalfi Coast.

Along the road to Positano you will stop again to admire the view of Li Galli isles and then again for a bird eye view of Positano.

Finally you will reach the village of Positano where in accord with your driver you will receive one hour free time to explore the village, famous for shopping and colorful sceneries.

Positano became one of most famous tourist destinations during the last decades.

Until the Second World War it was a simple fishing village, where main activity for men was the fishing and main activity for women was farming of sheep and goats.

The extraordinary ability of local people to set daily activities moving along stairs and steep lanes gives us the idea of how strong the inhabitants are.

During the exploration of Positano you will walk along a pedestrian area where there are plenty of shops with an outdoor exposition of products, practically a full immersion in clothes, ceramics and local products.

Your walk will end at the Big beach totally made of grey sand and this walk will offer you an unbelievable view with colourful houses built along the cliff.

Positano is a must to see at least once in the life.

After visiting Positano you will reach back your chauffeur in order to proceed to the next destination.

On the road to Amalfi you will make other stops and you will cross many different villages as Praiano, Furore and Conca dei Marini, each area has something special to show you.

You will appreciate the nice views from Praiano, the last fishing village of the Amalfi Coast in Furore with its fjord and Conca dei Marini with the Emerald grotto.

You will have the possibility to stop there in accord with your driver in order to respect the schedule and to be back to the ship on time.

Your arrival in Amalfi is organized around Flavio Gioia square, where your driver will drop you off and will give you free time to be spent in the town.

Amalfi is known for the Cathedral (Duomo), the maritime traditions and the special type of paper, called Bambagina produced only in Amalfi.

About the Duomo, it is an old church, main centre of Catholic religion for the whole Amalfi Coast, built in the 10th century on the base of two old churches.

The Duomo had many modifications during the centuries and with different dominations, but the bronze doors at the entrance are still those made in Costantinopoli, the actual Instanbul, in Turkey, in 1066.

The old maritime traditions came from the famous splendour of Amalfi during the Maritime Republic time, when Amalfi was the most important Italian Maritime Republic, from the 9th to 12th century and it was known all over the world.

During that time the Amalfitan people had business with all the areas accessible by an harbour.

Another speciality of Amalfi is Bambagina, which is a type of paper still produced in Amalfi by the last still working paper factory and you could eventually decide to visit the museum,set in an old paper mill, where they show you the system and the technology adopted for making the paper.

After visited Amalfi it is time to proceed up to Ravello.

You will cross Atrani the smallest municipality of Southern Italy and then your chauffeur will take the road driving you up to your destination.

Ravello is a famous village of the Amalfi Coast because of the amazing views, the relaxing area and the Music Festival.

The famous attractions of Ravello are villa Rufolo and villa Cimbrone.

The first is famous as the place where Richard Wagner got the inspiration for writing the second act of Parsifal and then for its marvellous gardens, the second villa is famous for the gardens too and the breathtaking views overlooking the whole Amalfi Coast.

Ravello has also a main square with S. Pantaleone church in the middle and many bars to enjoy a good coffee or a cappuccino.

At the end of the visit of Ravello it is time to head back to the ship and the road takes you over the hill to reach again the highway which will lead you back to the ship and during the drive your chauffeur will keep you knowledge richer of details and information about the places you visited.
Beautiful cozy bay with boats and clear turquoise water in Italy
Fiordo di furore amalfitan coast Italy
Scenic view of Amalfi Coast
Scenic view of colorful houses in Amalfi town, Italy


Amalfi Coast road S.S.163
Li Galli Islands view 
Birds eye view of Positano

one hour free to walk around on your own
Positano – MAR
(Roman Archaeological Museum) (to reserve in advance – 15,00 € p.p.)
Positano – Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church
Positano – Spiaggia Grande (beach)
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Furore) – Fjord of Furore
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Conca dei Marini) – Emerald Grotto (6,00 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own
Amalfi – St. Andrew Duomo (3,00 € p.p.)
Amalfi – Port area
Amalfi – Paper Museum (4,50 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own

Ravello – Villa Rufolo (7,00 € p.p.)
Ravello – Villa Cimbrone (7,00 € p.p.)

Journey duration: from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

Tour availability: All year round
During summer time the Amalfi Coast is quite busy, while in winter is more peaceful.
So it doesn’t exist a best time for coming here.
Summer is colorful, crazy, full of life. Winter is quiet, relaxing, easy for taking best prospective or posing. The choice is only up to you!

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