Exclusive Tour


Exclusive tour

Duration 9 hrs and availability ALL YEAR AROUND

After meeting your chauffeur, the excursion schedule is all about the volcano’s activity and its action through the centuries. This tour is usually organized to visit Pompeii first.

On the road to the ruins area and along the way your driver will give you a running commentary about the local history and informations allowing you to move indipendently in the sites avoiding to get lost.

After Pompei you have a steep walk to reach the Vesuvius peak and finally the other ruins area of Herculaneum.
Pompeii, Italy. Temple Of Jupiter Or Capitolium Or Temple Of Cap
Pompeii, Italy. Statue Of Centaur On Territory Of Forum On Background Sunset Sunrise Sky
Ancient city of Pompei


English speaking & knowledgeable chauffeur
Luxury Air-conditioned Mercedes Benz vehicle (sedan or minivan)
At least one hour free to explore each main town (Positano, Amalfi & Ravello)
Several additional stops along the road for your photos
Taxes, Fuel & Parking tolls
Anti COVID 19 equipment (facemask & sanitizer gel)
Anti COVID 19 vehicle sanitization prior meeting you
Bottled water on board

Entrance fees (Museum, Private Villas or other places requiring a payment)
Meals and drinks
Professional guide on the site
Extra time or drive over the accorded one

Suggestions: to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring your cameras and relax.
Many additional options can be planned in advance directly with us.

The archaeological ruins of Pompeii are in a huge area of about 100 acres of explorable surface, a big group of Roman buildings buried by ash and pumice stones erupted by Mt.Vesuvius on 79 AD.

Pompeii is the only opportunity to walk in an ancient Roman city, along the Roman streets feeling oneself as a Roman citizen of 2000 years ago.

The archaeological site of Pompeii has been discovered during the XVIII century, in fact the first discoveries went back to 1748 and this excavation work has not been completed yet.

An area of the site is still underground and some already unearthed parts are under restoration works and waiting to be recovered.

Pompeii ruins are composed of many Domus and buildings for public utility and that is the reason why it needs a good maintenance and surveillance.

Pompeii is such an important archaeological site to have become part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1997.

The time we usually spend for the visit of the ruins is two hours with a professional official guide of the archaeological site, if instead you decide to visit it alone you can plan the timing with your chauffeur, in order to meet him when you get out of the ruins area and the meeting point will be the same of the drop off.

Continuing your excursion next destination is Mt. Vesuvius, a still declared active volcano.

A steep road of about 40 minutes shows you amazing landscapes and breathtaking views of the whole bay of Naples.

Your chauffeur is authorized to lead you as far as the ticket office at the end of the road.

From there you start a climb to reach the highest area accessible and admire the best views of the surrounding area.

Usually the time you spend for the visit is about one and a half hours, of course you can set and decide the timing according with your chauffeur.

Unfortunately up to Mt.Vesuvius phone network doesn’t work and so you need to set the timing in advance.

This volcano is the last still active volcano of all the European mainland.

Mt.Vesuvius has influence for kind of soil, geographical conformation and lifestyle.

Many traditions are connected to the volcanic activity and also the building technics adopted all around the Vesuvius are not the standard ones.

This special condition of the soil gives us the possibility to enjoy and appreciate particular wines produced only in this area, the same wines which caught the Roman attention because of particular flavours and properties, the most famous is Lacryma Christi.

After you meet again your chauffeur it is time to proceed to Herculaneum, which is another Roman ruins area, made famous by the same eruption of Pompeii, the one of 79 AD, but this is a different kind of archaeological site. That is because Herculaneum has been covered by pyroclastic materials and later by mud.

Pratically the surface covering the old city is stronger than the one in Pompeii and for those characteristics more difficult to excavate, but it is also the reason why in Herculaneum we had a better preservation than Pompeii.

One of the unbelievable discoveries in Herculaneum are burnt piece of wood of the Roman times.

The archaeological area of Herculaneum is not so big as should be because of the difficulties to dig in the lava and mud and for the position of the new town (right on top of the older one), but it is a good place for catching particular details and appreciate the Roman arts and technics.

After a tour of Pompeii, Mt.Vesuvius and Herculaneum you will have a deeper knowledge of the Roman world.

Your driver will handle the meetings so as to respect always the times agreed with you and during the ride back there is the possibility to ask him for any doubts and so to compare his knowledge with yours.
Pompeii, Italy. Statue Of Centaur On Territory Of Forum On Background Sunset Sunrise Sky
Herculaneum,Naples Italy
Pompeii, Italy


Amalfi Coast road S.S.163
Li Galli Islands view 
Birds eye view of Positano

one hour free to walk around on your own
Positano – MAR
(Roman Archaeological Museum) (to reserve in advance – 15,00 € p.p.)
Positano – Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church
Positano – Spiaggia Grande (beach)
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Furore) – Fjord of Furore
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Conca dei Marini) – Emerald Grotto (6,00 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own
Amalfi – St. Andrew Duomo (3,00 € p.p.)
Amalfi – Port area
Amalfi – Paper Museum (4,50 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own

Ravello – Villa Rufolo (7,00 € p.p.)
Ravello – Villa Cimbrone (7,00 € p.p.)

Journey duration: from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

Tour availability: All year round
During summer time the Amalfi Coast is quite busy, while in winter is more peaceful.
So it doesn’t exist a best time for coming here.
Summer is colorful, crazy, full of life. Winter is quiet, relaxing, easy for taking best prospective or posing. The choice is only up to you!

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