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Exclusive Tour

Gastronomic Sorrento

Exclusive Gatronomic Tour Sorrento

The secret to set the best tour in a country is try to discover all its best characteristics.  
Italy is famous for culinary art and delicacies produced by its inhabitants. 
A territory where each Region is identified by different products which are famous all over the world. 
A great mix of amazing landscapes, fabulous villages and unforgettable food.

Compass Tour provides Exclusive Gastronomic Tour Sorrento, which is an unexpected experience set following an itinerary through the country area of Sorrento Coast, stopping along the way for stunning pictures and visiting different small factories where discover the old and traditional products Sorrento food is typically famous for lemon, cheese and olive oil.

Big yellow lemon in hand in background of mediterranean sea and sky
olive oil and olives
Basket of fresh sliced and whole Provolone cheese
Meta di Sorrento, Naples: the coast at summer

Exclusive gastronomic tour sorrento

English speaking & knowledgeable chauffeur
Luxury Air-conditioned Mercedes Benz vehicle (sedan or minivan)
At least one hour free to explore each main town (Positano, Amalfi & Ravello)
Several additional stops along the road for your photos
Taxes, Fuel & Parking tolls
Anti COVID 19 equipment (facemask & sanitizer gel)
Anti COVID 19 vehicle sanitization prior meeting you
Bottled water on board

Entrance fees (Museum, Private Villas or other places requiring a payment)
Meals and drinks
Professional guide on the site
Extra time or drive over the accorded one

Suggestions: to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring your cameras and relax.
Many additional options can be planned in advance directly with us.

That’s the reason why Compass Tour decided to propose you the visits of the oldest and most famous lemon garden in Sorrento Coast, an ancient olive grove and the connected olive mill, a traditional stable with its workshop for the making of “Fior di Latte” (improperly called Mozzarella), a pizzeria where you can learn how to make your best pizza at home and then another lemon garden where you will taste the Limoncello liqueur. The Gastronomic Tour starts with the visit of the oldest lemon garden in Sorrento Coast which takes us to be on the coast. In that garden the farmer still grows the lemons for the large production and the exportation, in order to take the name of Sorrento all over the world. The original lemon of Sorrento has been recognized as an international product protected by European Union, in fact it received the “Limone di Sorrento I.G.P.” denomination (Protected Geographical Indication). The target of our exploration is to let you note the differences with its cousin grown on the Amalfi Coast. The technics used for Sorrento lemon cultivation are special characteristics of this area and they are an important detail for I.G.P. denomination. Here we have the chance to understand the organization of a garden in Sorrento, to admire unusual views in a quiet area and to enjoy harmony of Sorrento gardens. Let’s go to discover another secret of Sorrento Coast: the Olive Oil. The Italian Olive Oil is famous all over the world and each different region proposes the own olive oils which are produced with different techniques. Sorrento Coast has a very old traditions in olive oil making and the factory for our tour was founded in 1849 and has spent years improving its work. Here we explore first the olive grove, in order to take you in a standard Sorrento garden, where we have a look at the impervious conditions to harvest the tall Sorrentine Olive Trees. All operations must be manually done and the carry of container is only by hands because the steep territory doesn’t permit the access of any kind of vehicle. They explain us the process of separation of olives and leaves and then the two different pressing systems (cold and warm). After all that, after visiting the whole factory, it is time to taste the result of their hard work.

The factory has a showroom with all different kinds of olive oil they produce, pure and infused olive oils, where they organize for us a complete tasting of their products and go on giving us new information about what they do.

The most important quality of Olive Oil is for sure the Penisola Sorrentina D.O.P. and in order to receive the important nomenclature it must to be the final result of a specific process indicated by a Regional Procedure became compulsory for this specific kind of Olive Oil making.

After the Olive Oil tasting, it is time to preceed up to the hill and enjoy the amazing landscapes between Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. A short drive to take you to another farm for the cheese making.

First step of this visit is to have a look at the stable where they have local cows producing the only milk used in this factory. A specific visit of stable will show you the attention they dedicate to respect the animals and the regulations with the only target to produce the best cheese with a natural feeding.

In the stable we see ordinary and daily sequences of the farmer life and if you are lucky we meet newborn calves .

After that we go to assist and enjoy the fresh cheese making demonstration.

The characteristic form of local fresh cheese is called “Treccia” and it is typical of Sorrento area, so they set a demonstration of how they make “Fior di Latte”(fresh cheese made with cow’s milk, unproperly called Mozzarella) and “Caciotte”.

After admiring the process of production it is time to taste it.

The cheese tasting includes also “Provolone del Monaco D.O.P.”. It is an aged cheese produced only with local cow’s milk and following a strict regulation, it is another excellence of Sorrento and our farmer is one of few authorized to produce this delicious cheese.

After the cheese experience it is time to go learning how to make an original pizza, possibly driven in a funny and typical vehicle through narrow alleys in the country area.

Pizza is a special product coming from Naples. For us it will be a perfect lunch and a funny possibility to learn how to make the most consumed and known product of the world.

Your pizza maker will explain you all the steps and secrets to prepare a good pizza using only natural ingredients.

Then it will be your turn to make it and so you will be able to prepare your own pizza.

All this in a familiar and friendly atmosphere where everybody will be taking care of you.

A special peculiarity in this pizzeria is about the yeast quality, because the only one used by our pizza maker is totally natural and made by himself then he will be happy to share his secret and his recipe with you.

At the end of this meal our way takes us to a spectacular place where you will admire of a wonderful view of Capri Island and then strictly to a Limoncello factory and its lemon garden.

Limoncello is another product which identifies Sorrento. A liqueur used as a digestive at the end of the meal, or simply as a substitute of coffee.

It has a very simple recipe and the most important process is the selection and choice of the different ingredients.

Here the owner shows you the most important Limoncello peculiarities and special characteristics, then after the demonstration and explications about the local system they make you happy with a taste of their products.

At the end of demonstration and tasting again a walking in a Sorrento lemon garden which lies at center of the little town and you will meet again the “Limone di Sorrento I.G.P.”

At the end of this tour your knowledge about Italian products will be richer and you will catch the differences between the fresh home-made products and those that you can buy at your home.

This tour is particularly suitable for those who have already visited our area, but also for guests interested in our culinary delights.

Compass Tours can simply ensure the charm of a part of our territory still unknown to many who live here.
gnocchi Sorrento
Woman in lemon garden of Sorrento at summer
Italian lemon liqueur limoncello
Woman hands are picking fallen olives from nets under olive trees


Amalfi Coast road S.S.163
Li Galli Islands view 
Birds eye view of Positano

one hour free to walk around on your own
Positano – MAR
(Roman Archaeological Museum) (to reserve in advance – 15,00 € p.p.)
Positano – Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church
Positano – Spiaggia Grande (beach)
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Furore) – Fjord of Furore
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Conca dei Marini) – Emerald Grotto (6,00 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own
Amalfi – St. Andrew Duomo (3,00 € p.p.)
Amalfi – Port area
Amalfi – Paper Museum (4,50 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own

Ravello – Villa Rufolo (7,00 € p.p.)
Ravello – Villa Cimbrone (7,00 € p.p.)

Journey duration: from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

Tour availability: All year round
During summer time the Amalfi Coast is quite busy, while in winter is more peaceful.
So it doesn’t exist a best time for coming here.
Summer is colorful, crazy, full of life. Winter is quiet, relaxing, easy for taking best prospective or posing. The choice is only up to you!

Journey duration: 

from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

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