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Positano, Amalfi

Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi private tour

Are you ready to discover the most famous cities of all Sorrento Peninsula.

Let start with the explication of our plan. After meeting your chauffeur at your location, the excursion will follow a schedule looking to optimize your time.

In order to be on the good side of the road for the view, the best trip could be organized with Sorrento visit first.

Sorrento is a famous spot for holidays. An evergreen area with small villages built on a volcanic platform facing the Gulf of Naples and Mt.Vesuvius where to enjoy comfortable life and memorable moments.
Meta di Sorrento, Naples: the coast at summer
View of the town of Positano with flowers

positano, amalfi
private tour

English speaking & knowledgeable chauffeur
Luxury Air-conditioned Mercedes Benz vehicle (sedan or minivan)
At least one hour free to explore each main town (Positano, Amalfi & Ravello)
Several additional stops along the road for your photos
Taxes, Fuel & Parking tolls
Anti COVID 19 equipment (facemask & sanitizer gel)
Anti COVID 19 vehicle sanitization prior meeting you
Bottled water on board

Entrance fees (Museum, Private Villas or other places requiring a payment)
Meals and drinks
Professional guide on the site
Extra time or drive over the accorded one

Suggestions: to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring your cameras and relax.
Many additional options can be planned in advance directly with us.

The town is mainly known for history, art and local products.

It was founded by the Greeks, then became an important Roman colony.

It has been an inspiring muse for artists coming from all over the world, so they had Sorrento as base and later the same artists made Sorrento famous all over the world.

Those artists got the inspiration for songs, poems and paintings.

Sorrento, also known as “the land of sirens”, proposes relaxing view points and offers the best touristic services as in what concern hotels and restaurants.

Thanks to its strong touristic vocation Sorrento has achieved the third position in the national ranking as the place with the highest number of foreign visitors. A visit of Sorrento could be set with one hour of free time and you can walk along the historical center that still respect the original urban layout given by the Greeks.

Your chauffeur will be prompt to show you the best views of Sorrento area only for giving you the possibility to make nice pictures and enjoy unforgettable moments. After the visit of Sorrento your next destination will be Positano.

The road to Positano takes you through the hills passing from Sorrento Coast to the Amalfi Coast. Along the way there will be many different stops for enjoying breathtaking views.

Every stop you do during this tour could easily became a subject for your personal postcard. Your driver, after stopping in numerous different areas and proposing you great panoramas will lead you to the lowest place accessible by car.

Then from the parking area you will start you personal visit of Positano.

This Vertical Village (funny name for Positano) is famous for its particularly steep geographical conformation, for local products and the frenzy typical of the local inhabitants living in Positano during the summertime.

Here you can’t renounce to walk down the beach along the pedestrian area and once reached the sea level you can admire one of best sights you have ever seen.

The fame of Positano is not so old also because it became famous only after the Second World War as a refuge for people staying in Sorrento.

Then the citizens have been really clever to move the world’s attention on its natural beauties in order that Positano became one of the most popular tourist destinations of Italy.

This action has been made easy also thanks to the so many artists coming here for vacation and which then later on became the best promoters of this area with their songs, poems, movies and paintings.

Positano is a fascinating village with many traditions, where life is on 24 hours a day. Here we spend one hour but you can decide to have lunch in the area so you will enjoy more time in Positano.

Your driver will wait for you at the parking area and after this it is time to proceed to Amalfi.

Along the road to Amalfi your chauffeur will stop at other different places to propose you many other views of Positano, Praiano, Furore and Conca dei Marini.

If there is enough time you could decide to stop in Conca dei Marini for the Emerald Grotto discover.

You could reach it by an elevator taking you to the sea level, then into the grotto where oarsmen will show you the entire grotto’s area on a boat.

Inside there is an amazing scenery of stalactites and stalagmites completed with a special light generated by the solar rays passing through the natural entrance laying under the sea level.

This light has a special green colour so nice to give the name to the whole grotto.

Then we continue to Amalfi where the arrival will be on the square Flavio Gioia and your driver will give you the necessary information to visit the city.

Amalfi is the main city of Amalfi Coast.

It is particularly famous for its history also because it was a Maritime Republic, the oldest and most famous Italian Maritime Republic who shone for almost three centuries.

The symbol of Amalfi is the Duomo, a catholic church built in the 10th century with a long access staircase facing a big square pedestrian area.

Amalfi is also known for the local paper called Bambagina.

This paper is thicker than the standard paper and they make it just using old rags.

In Amalfi there is the last still working paper factory and another became a museum, so there is all necessary to understand the old process for this special paper manufacture.

After completed the visit of Amalfi our tour is going to be over but your driver could still surprise you with other breathtaking views and filling your knowledge about Sorrento and Amalfi Coast giving you extra details.
Scenic view of Positano town after sunset, Amalfi coast, Italy


Amalfi Coast road S.S.163
Li Galli Islands view 
Birds eye view of Positano

one hour free to walk around on your own
Positano – MAR
(Roman Archaeological Museum) (to reserve in advance – 15,00 € p.p.)
Positano – Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church
Positano – Spiaggia Grande (beach)
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Furore) – Fjord of Furore
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Conca dei Marini) – Emerald Grotto (6,00 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own
Amalfi – St. Andrew Duomo (3,00 € p.p.)
Amalfi – Port area
Amalfi – Paper Museum (4,50 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own

Ravello – Villa Rufolo (7,00 € p.p.)
Ravello – Villa Cimbrone (7,00 € p.p.)

Journey duration: from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

Tour availability: All year round
During summer time the Amalfi Coast is quite busy, while in winter is more peaceful.
So it doesn’t exist a best time for coming here.
Summer is colorful, crazy, full of life. Winter is quiet, relaxing, easy for taking best prospective or posing. The choice is only up to you!

Journey duration: 

from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

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