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Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast private tour

Private Amalfi Coast tour is a full day experience scheduled to discover such an extraordinary territory.

Talking about a tour of the Amalfi Coast it is generally understood as visiting the three main towns (Positano, Amalfi and Ravello), but we can absolutely reschedule your trip so that you can focus on your priorities and desires.

This part of our land is famous for its landscapes, breathtaking views and unique villages where you can enjoy their peculiarities, their history and their special lifestyle.

We typically spend one hour in each town and your chauffeur during the drive provides you with appropriated info to help able you discover the three towns on your own avoiding to let you feel lost or disoriented.

This tour is never for a standard schedule but all our operators maximize the personalization of your experience while keeping your expectations and intentions above all else.

By letting us know your priorities in advance we can organize an absolutely unique service looking for your request and going to customize your experience to meet every type of need you can ask for in order to make your personal tailor-made experience.

The main problems for a tour on the Amalfi Coast can be traffic or too busy areas, by planning your tour with us we can try to manage these kind of conditions with the best solutions.

Contact us for any other kind of need, we can adequately plan your trip in order to meet your requests at best of our abilities using our knowledge and skills of local expert.

Lemon ice cream kiosk in Capri
View of the town of Positano with flowers

Amalfi Coast private tour

English speaking & knowledgeable chauffeur
Luxury Air-conditioned Mercedes Benz vehicle (sedan or minivan)
At least one hour free to explore each main town (Positano, Amalfi & Ravello)
Several additional stops along the road for your photos
Taxes, Fuel & Parking tolls
Anti COVID 19 equipment (facemask & sanitizer gel)
Anti COVID 19 vehicle sanitization prior meeting you
Bottled water on board

Entrance fees (Museum, Private Villas or other places requiring a payment)
Meals and drinks
Professional guide on the site
Extra time or drive over the accorded one

Suggestions: to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, bring your cameras and relax.
Many additional options can be planned in advance directly with us.

After you met your chauffeur at your accommodation he gives you a briefing in order to let you know what you will do during your journey along the Amalfi Coast.

Generally first stop is Positano, many breaks with stories and descriptions are set along the road as a view of Li Galli islands and other panoramic places where to enjoy a bird-eye view of Positano.

Then your driver will lead you to the lowest place accessible by car and from there you will start your pleasant stroll downhill along a pedestrian area where you walk by many traditional shops.

Positano is famous for shopping and the particular geographical conformation.

The end of your walk is the beach after an amazing experience among clothes, ceramics and local products.

By the beach and looking behind of you there is the most beautiful view of Positano with its houses built along the steep cliff, a colorful scenery with many small constructions.

Then the way to reach back your driver to the parking area is the same you already did.

The guided tour continues along the way to Amalfi, crossing different territories as Praiano, Furore and Conca dei Marini, with many other breaks along the road in order to admire the best spots and many other curiosities.

In accord with your driver you set the next stop which can be Amalfi or Ravello.

Let’s consider Amalfi as your second stop where to enjoy of free time to explore the biggest town of our territory with a proper port area.

Here you can visit the Cathedral of St. Andrew as well as you can discover several proofs of the ancient Maritime Republic activity, without to ignore the surrounding panorama made by houses and convents built along the cliffs admiring the outstanding technics which are used for the agriculture.

Amalfi can be also an appropriated location for your lunch and so you can also consult your driver for some good recommendations.

Continuing your journey you drive to Ravello, all the way up the hill, up to about 400 mts above the sea level.

This town is known for its peaceful environment and its breathtaking views.

The main square is a pedestrian area where you can relax as well as you can decide to explore the two famous villas: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.

The first is by the main square and it offers great views by its terrace overlooking Minori and Maiori (other town of the Amalfi Coast) which is also used for organizing music concerts during the season of Ravello Music Festival. Villa Cimbrone is a little farer than Villa Rufolo and so it takes longer to get there.

It is known for its Infinity Terrace and the amazing gardens which often became wedding scenes for couples coming from all over the world.

In Ravello we also find the Auditorium which was built to better appreciate the music sound.

After visited Ravello you can meet again your chauffeur for the return to Sorrento and during the drive you can fix better all the information you grabbed during your journey on the Amalfi Coast.

Maybe I didn’t talk at all about shopping, beaches and food but these are conditions which is better you check at the moment when here and your chauffeur will be glad to share his knowledge, experience and local friendship with you.
Scenic view of Positano town after sunset, Amalfi coast, Italy


Amalfi Coast road S.S.163
Li Galli Islands view 
Birds eye view of Positano

one hour free to walk around on your own
Positano – MAR
(Roman Archaeological Museum) (to reserve in advance – 15,00 € p.p.)
Positano – Santa Maria dell’Assunta Church
Positano – Spiaggia Grande (beach)
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Furore) – Fjord of Furore
Amalfi Coast road S.S.163 (Conca dei Marini) – Emerald Grotto (6,00 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own
Amalfi – St. Andrew Duomo (3,00 € p.p.)
Amalfi – Port area
Amalfi – Paper Museum (4,50 € p.p.)

one hour free to walk around on your own

Ravello – Villa Rufolo (7,00 € p.p.)
Ravello – Villa Cimbrone (7,00 € p.p.)

Journey duration: from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

Tour availability: All year round
During summer time the Amalfi Coast is quite busy, while in winter is more peaceful.
So it doesn’t exist a best time for coming here.
Summer is colorful, crazy, full of life. Winter is quiet, relaxing, easy for taking best prospective or posing. The choice is only up to you!

Journey duration: 

from/to Sorrento about 8 hours
from/to Naples about 9 hours
from Sorrento to Naples about 9 hours

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